Z-Perform™ 1000D 80 Receipt



Product Description: Matte receipt paper in 80 micron thickness. BPA Free.

Media Type: Receipt

Material Type: Paper

Print Technology: Direct-thermal

Environment Properties: Indoor use for up to 1 year, Indoor archive use for up to 5 years

Adhesive Properties: No adhesive

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Industry Application
Government Electronic citations for law enforcement officers
Mobile workforce Mobile delivery note and invoice printing, parking fine printing
Retail Queue-busting, mobile point-of-sale and coupon printing

Printer and ribbon compatibility

Printer Compatibility 105Se™, 105SLPlus, 105SL™, 110PAX3™, 110PAX4™, 110Xi4™, 110XiIIIPlus™, 140Xi4™, 140XiIIIPlus™, 140XiIII™, 170PAX3™, 170PAX4™, 170Xi4™, 170XiIIIPlus™, 220Xi4™, 220XiIIIPlus™, 90XiIIIPlus™, 96XiIIIPlus™, EM 220™, EZ320, GC420d™, GC420t™, GK420d™, GK420t™, GT800, GX420d™, GX420t™, GX430t™, iMZ220, iMZ320, KR203™, KR403™, LP 2824 Plus™, LP 2824™, LP 2824-Z™, LP 2844™, LP 2844-Z™, LP 3844-Z™, MZ 220™, MZ 320™, QL220 Plus™, QL220™, QL320 Plus™, QL320™, QL420 Plus™, QL420™, QLn320™, QLn420, RW220™, RW420™, S4M™, S600™, TLP 2824 Plus™, TLP 2824™, TLP 2824-Z™, TLP 2844™, TLP 2844-Z™, TLP 3842™, TLP 3844-Z™, TTP 2010™, TTP 2020™, TTP 2030™, TTP 7030™, TTP 8000™, Z4Mplus™, Z6Mplus™, ZD410, ZD420t, ZD500R™, ZD500™, ZD620d, ZM400™, ZM600™, ZQ110™, ZQ210, ZQ220, ZQ310, ZQ320, ZQ510™, ZQ511, ZQ520™, ZQ521, ZQ610, ZQ620, ZQ630, ZT220™, ZT230™, ZT410™, ZT420™, ZT510, ZT610, ZT620
Suggested ribbon (standard application) -
Suggested ribbon (high durability) -
Minimum application temperature °C N/A
Service Temperature °C -5 to +49

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  1. Z-Perform™ 1000D 80 Receipt

    • Product Description › Matte receipt paper in 80 micron thickness. BPA Free.
    • Key Features › low-cost, 83 micron receipt paper; indoor archivable for up to 5 years. BPA free.
    • Media Type › Receipt
    • Material Type › Paper
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    • Government

    • Mobile workforce

    • Retail

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